Benefits of an ATS/Recruitment Software

ATS Benefits: How ATS Improves Time, Cost and Quality of Hire


Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a product program intended to mechanize, rearrange and secure the whole enlisting measure. Huge advantages of utilizing an Applicant Tracking System are best exhibited by its capacity to improve the three most significant employing measurements: time-to-recruit, cost-per-recruit and nature of-enlist.


What is Applicant Tracking System

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a product program or apparatus intended to computerize, smooth out and improve the recruiting interaction.

Candidate Tracking System offers a wide scope of answers for various employing difficulties, from sourcing to testing and choosing the best competitors.

Candidate Tracking System gives a mechanized method to HR experts to improve and secure the whole enlisting measure, from getting applications to recruiting representatives.


Highlights and advantages of ATS

An advanced and all around planned Applicant Tracking System can assist you with accomplishing enrolling objectives and defeat difficulties by offering following highlights:

1.     Amazing sourcing device

2.     A single tick work presenting on various occupation sheets

3.     Focal archive of candidates' list of qualifications and applications

4.     Effectively accessible data set of rich candidates' profiles

5.     Mechanized resume parsing and screening

6.     Simple meeting planning

7.     Meeting units and scorecards

8.     Prepared to utilize HR layouts

9.     Mechanized email reactions

10.   Simple group coordinated effort and correspondence

11.   Enrolling examination and detailing

12.   Get a more broad agenda of the relative multitude of highlights an advanced enrolling programming ought to have!

13.   Utilizing every one of these Applicant Tracking System highlights gives various advantages, including:

14.   Accelerating enlistment measure

15.   Lowering selecting costs

16.   Improving nature of recruit

17.   Raising competitor experience

18.   Building top notch ability pools

19.   Creating more grounded associations with up-and-comers

20.   Propelling dynamic

21.   Overhauling HR group correspondence and cooperation

The utilization of Applicant Tracking System has been demonstrated to propel the most significant recruiting measurements: time-to-employ, cost-per-recruit and nature of-enlist.


Would it be advisable for me to put resources into Applicant Tracking System?

To settle on this choice simpler, get our definitive guide for purchasing an ATS!

As should be obvious, Applicant Tracking Systems offer a wide range of answers for different selecting objectives and difficulties.


In this manner, purchasing the correct one is anything but a simple assignment.

On the off chance that you are anticipating putting resources into another enrolling instrument, you should begin by distinguishing your selecting objectives and difficulties.


What are your most squeezing selecting difficulties?

Do they incorporate any of the accompanying selecting difficulties?

1.       Long an ideal opportunity to-employ

2.       Significant expense to-enlist

3.       Bad quality-of-enlist

4.       Failure to source individuals with great abilities and attributes

5.       Broad utilization of dominate accounting pages and messages

6.       No brought together, accessible data set of the relative multitude of competitors and candidates

7.       Muddled enlisting and determination measure

8.       Manual and tedious meeting booking

9.       No candidates talk with packs, tasks and scorecards

10.   Poor and moderate correspondence with applicants

11.   Manual dismissal and criticism to competitors

12.   No system for building ability pools

13.   Not utilizing past candidate (silver medalists) for future openings

14.   Powerlessness to assess and quantify the viability of your selecting system

Provided that this is true, you could profit by putting resources into an advanced and very much planned Applicant Tracking System.


Candidate global positioning framework will make your recruiting system more profitable and cost-effective by assisting you with getting sorted out and track applications, oversee ability pools and smooth out your determination interaction.

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